Dear Supporter
Spring 2019

During the last quarter an amazing grant of £8,000 was received from the Hospital Saturday Fund to be used specifically for the provision of reflexology making a huge difference at the centre.

With your support and that of our donors the charity has been able to continue the help we offer to those with breast cancer.

Many of our volunteers and donors have raised funds by various ways and means, always interesting to see their challenges.

The charity is very happy to support any events our fundraisers undertake so feel free to call and together we will guarantee as much awareness as possible.

The centre continues to be a hub for those diagnosed with breast cancer and it has been great to welcome many new visitors through the new GSTT radiotherapy centre at Queen Mary's, Sidcup.

In the coming months we have planned several fundraising events (see page 4) and the support of you, family and friends would be fantastic.

Kind regards,

Mary Spinks - Chief Executive