Dear Supporter
Summer 2018

Having broken my wrist on the ice in March and in plaster for eight weeks it is now very much catch up time.

The past three months have seen very busy times at the Primrose Centre and the response from visitors how much they appreciate our support is so rewarding.

The centre continues to thrive whilst not much seems to change on a daily basis casting an eye over the appointments makes one realise we have a whole new set of visitors since our last Primrose News three months ago.

We have received some wonderfully generous donations which is great news. An offer to fund the update of our computers came as a wonderful surprise and was graciously accepted - a huge thank you to the donor.

A donation of £500 plus gift aid to sponsor our refreshments including coffee mornings is fantastic, whether it is lemon water or Nespresso, all guaranteed for a year. A really generous thoughtful gift.

As I write I want to acknowledge my fellow trustees, John Watkinson, Susan Beecher and Maria Velasco without their encouragement, support, advice and time we would not exist!

Kind regards,

Mary Spinks - Chief Executive